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Figuring Out Which Team Will Claim Randy Moss Off Waivers

Less than 24 hours after news broke that the Vikings plan to waive WR Randy Moss, ESPN's Adam Schefter has tabbed five teams that could be in line to acquire him off the waiver wire. We're still in the speculative stages since Moss has yet to actually be waived but here are the five teams Schefter suggests could claim him.

Rams: They were reportedly one of the teams interested in Vincent Jackson and their top receiver is out for the year so this definitely makes a lot of sense. Add in there that the Rams are now sitting in second place in the NFC West and legitimate playoff contenders in arguably the weakest division in football and I can certainly see this happening.

Raiders: Like the Rams, the Raiders are surprise contenders so that's a reason they would look at Moss. This though would be a surprising move after Moss's first failed stint in Oakland.

Redskins: Daniel Snyder's past history would suggest he's willing to take on the remaining balance of Moss's contract. Also, Donovan McNabb is no spring chicken so the Redskins are in more of a win-now mode than other teams.

Seahawks: They also went after Vincent Jackson so you know they want a receiver. They were one of the first teams to reach out to Moss's agent after news broke.

Chiefs: They've got the Patriots connection and a need at receiver but it's hard to see GM Scott Pioli bringing Moss into the Chiefs young locker room. There are reasons this makes sense, though.