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Week 11 NFL, Jets Vs. Texans: First Quarter Update, Jets Lead, 3-0

Some of us expected to see a shoot-out in this game, with both quarterbacks looking to the air early and often. However, that wasn’t in the cards.

Both teams have looked to establish their running game early and keep the other team’s defense on the field. The Jets got some strong play from Mike Westhoff’s special teams unit, which is why they controlled this aspect of the game through most of the quarter. Their defense also came up strong and kept Arian Foster at bay.

However, the Texans are now moving the football a bit, and Foster just found a seam on the sideline and ran for 20+ yards.

Jets corner back Antonio Cromartie had a great chance at an interception after jumping a route, but bobbled it out of bounds, and could not come down with it.

We expect the offense to pick up, so keep it here! At the end of one quarter, the Jets lead, 3-0. The Texans are putting together a solid drive, though, and have the football at the Jets' 30-yard line.