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Week 11 NFL, Jets Vs. Texans: Second Quarter Update, Offense Is On The Way!

After a pretty quiet first quarter, both teams have found the end zone in the second quarter.

The Texans put together a very solid drive, and targeted RB Arian Foster as well as TE Joel Dreessen. A solid gameplan, as Jets have arguably the best corner back tandem in the NFL, and teams are exploring other ways to attack their defense. QB Matt Schaub has looked sharp, and it doesn’t appear as if the inflammation in his knee which hospitalized him earlier in the week is affecting his throws. During the Texans best drive, Foster ran into the endzone from two yards out to give them the lead, at 7-3.

The Jets are opening it up a bit via the passing game and looking to throw on the Texans secondary which ranks dead-last in the NFL at 302 yards per game. WR Santonio Holmes has caught a couple of big passes over the middle, as well as WR Braylon Edwards who was the recipient of a 4-yard touchdown pass.

Things are opening up a bit, so keep it here! We’ll keep you posted. The Jets currently lead the Texans, 10-7.