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Week 11 NFL, Jets Vs. Texans: Third Quarter Update, Jets Miss Field Goal

The Jets came out of the half and put together a solid drive. Unfortunately, they continue to struggle to score points when in striking distance, and had to settle for a 53-yard field goal. Folk had the accuracy down, but the kick fell one yard short, and the Jets settled for no points during a solid drive.

As expected, Jets are attacking this weak Texans secondary with a lot of screens, and it has been successful. Both Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards are having big days thus far. Sooner or later, we think they are due for a vertical touchdown pass or for Shonn Greene to bust a big run.They are keeping Texans defense on the field for long, sustained drives.

The Texans are targeting Andre Johnson and Arian Foster, as expected. Jets will probably look to play contain, and take away the big play from the two game-changers.

The Jets are driving, and currently at mid-field, looking to finally find the end zone and add separation to their lead.