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Broncos Vs Chargers: Tim Tebow Questions Come Up After Denver's Loss

The Denver Broncos lost once again, this time on Monday Night Football to the San Diego Chargers, 35-14. The Broncos are now 3-7 on the season and consistently showing how inconsistent they are. The offense only put up 14 points against the Chargers on Monday night, and the Broncos season is essentially over, so fans are asking: What about Tim Tebow?

Indeed the backup QB -- or the most popular guy in the city -- is a topic of conversation on SB Nation's Mile High Report. Some fans want him to become the starter since the Broncos are out of playoff talk while others say he's not ready. Here's a sampling of the fans' comments on MHR:

Everyone who makes the "play Tebow argument" should take a step back and re-evaluate what they are saying.

Tebow is not ready. noone in the world thought he would be ready this year. The guy gets put on the spotlight and wins weekly awards for 2 plays. If we start him and he gets torn apart then everyo single Tebow hater will be all over him and Mcdaniels.

Look what happened to the [B]rowns when they switched to a rookie (Colt McCoy) who experts thought needed even more development than Tebow. They got the spark they needed and beat a few good teams. I'm not saying Tebow is the answer but what he is is competitive, a winner and maybe the spark this team needs to play some ball. Orton may have a handle on the offense but his body language does not say "Come on guys let's rally. I'm going to score a touchdown and put us back in this thing".

Others are arguing that Tebow is far from a finished product and he needs to sit on the bench longer. It's an interesting discussion because there's no clear-cut answer and it's the type of question fans across the league ask themselves when their team is mired in a 3-7 season.

This comment from a fan on MHR seems to hit the nail on the head:

We're a terrible team. I think if Carolina didn't have so many injuries we'd be the worst team in the league.

Check out more fan reaction over at Mile High Report.