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NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Colts Fall As Patriots Maintain No. 1

There wasn't a lot of change in the top 10 this week as only Tampa Bay broke through. Almost the entire top 10 from last week won in Week 11, and that doesn't include the Colts, who lost to the Patriots this week. There were a lot of blowouts from this list -- Bucs, Saints, Steelers and Ravens (and Eagles sort of). We'll gain some clarity at the top of our rankings over the next couple weeks when the No. 2 Packers visit the No. 3 Falcons and the No. 1 Patriots face off against the No. 4 Jets.

Here are the top 10 teams in the league:

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3): I'm not quite sure what to make of the Bucs yet. They're 7-3 but are just plus-three in point differential. Either they know how to close out tight games or they'll come crashing down soon. We'll find out in the next two weeks when they play the Ravens and Falcons

9. Indianapolis Colts (6-4): The second half of the Colts schedule is manageable but it looks they'll likely end their streak of 12-plus wins in the regular season. The last time they won less than 12 games: 2001.

8. New Orleans Saints (7-3): The Saints are 7-3 and tied for second place in a very good NFC South. With the way the NFC South is going, they could send a few teams to the playoffs.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3): The Steelers showed they're still a dominant team beating the Raiders, 35-3. It's looking like that Dec. 5 game against the Ravens is going to have a major impact on the division.

6. Baltimore Ravens (7-3): The Ravens, tied with the Steelers atop the AFC North, get the nod here because of the head-to-head win against the Steelers. If not for that, these teams are even. This will be one of the best races down the stretch because they have similar potential.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (7-3): The Eagles could be ranked high the way they're playing. They have two road games against the Bears and Giants remaining. After that, they play no teams with winning records. The Eagles have a lot of potential to grow.

4. New York Jets (8-2): Five of the Jets eight wins have been by one score or less, including the last three by a total of nine points. You'd like to see better victories but a win is a win, especially if they keep doing it.

3. Atlanta Falcons (8-2): I'm not sure people realize how good this team is. Their resume is impressive including four consecutive victories. There's definitely an argument that this is the best team in the league.

2. Green Bay Packers (7-3): Their schedule includes a pair of road wins against the Eagles and Jets. Aaron Rodgers is playing very well and they haven't turned the ball over since Oct. 24. We'll find out this weekend if they're the best team in the NFC when they visit the Falcons.

1. New England Patriots (8-2): Our No. 1 team has scored 70 points in the last two games, which is the second time this year they've scored 70 points or more over two games. They'll be tested this year as they still host the Jets and Packers down the stretch.