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Report: Josh McDaniels Explained Differences Between SpyGate I And SpyGate II To Staff

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels' video coordinator may have been busted for taping the 49ers on Friday, but it sure seems like McDaniels is the guy worth of a reality series at this point. That's what happens when reports leak out that a coach has copped to the two biggest videotaping scandals in recent memory — and explicitly told those who could leak it not to do so.

Pro Football Talk has some of the details of the situation, originally reported by Jay Glazer on Fox's NFL pregame show. The basics of it — McDaniels told staff that, in New England, taping "was practiced, that was coached, that was worked on," while the Broncos' peeping was a one-time affair — are bad enough for the embattled coach. But it's the implication of the leak that might be the bigger problem for McDaniels.

Telling his staff not to leak something and then watching it leak is probably not a sign that McDaniels is on great terms with all of his coaches. Glazer says that might have something to do with McDaniels ripping his staff in front of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen after the team's embarrassing 59-14 loss to Oakland, but it might also be a way for a coach to distance himself from McDaniels, who increasingly seems like a coach whose days are numbered.

In any case, with this flap still swirling around the Broncos, it seems fairly likely that the team will either be completely off its rhythm or laser-focused against San Francisco today. And there's a much, much better chance of the former being true.