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Randy Moss Reportedly Told Vikings Owner That Brad Childress Should Be Fired

Several hours passed between the time news broke that Vikings head coach Brad Childress had told his players Randy Moss was being released to the Vikings actually confirming the move. According to various reports, that time lapse occurred because Childress hadn't informed others in the organization -- namely the owner, Zygi Wilf -- that he was releasing Moss. And upon that news multiple reports surfaced that Wilf was upset with Childress' decision.

After reading this from the Star-Tribune, I can't see how Wilf could be that upset.

After catching only one pass for 8 yards in the Vikings' 28-18 loss to the New England Patriots, Moss walked into the visitors' locker room where Wilf and other executives stood. According to an NFL source familiar with what transpired, Moss told the Vikings owner in no uncertain terms that Childress wasn't a good coach and should be fired.

Less than 24 hours later and Michael Lombardi of NFL Network was reporting that Moss was waived. This is speculation but it's possible Childress got wind of this and quickly pushed Moss out before he brought Childress down with him. Asking for your coach to be fired confirms that Moss was a problem in Minnesota. Clearly it wasn't going to workout if he was suggesting a coaching change less than a month into his (second) time there.