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Austin Collie 'Sitting Up And Is Alert' In Colts Locker Room, Says Bill Polian

Upon returning to the CBS broadcast in the second half, Jim Nantz informed viewers that Colts president Bill Polian told CBS that receiver Austin Collie is in the Colts locker room, is "sitting up and is alert," and is believed by Colts officials to have only a concussion.

That would be a best-case scenario after the big hit that Collie took in the second quarter of today's Eagles-Colts game; in the immediate wake of the hit, it appeared that Collie could have been paralyzed. (Watch video of the hit here.)

At halftime, CBS analyst Bill Cowher said that he spoke with the NFL office about Collie's hit. The NFL told Cowher that while Quintin Mikell's first hit on Collie was legal, the second hit by Kurt Coleman was a helmet-to-helmet hit that necessitated a penalty for unnecessary roughness.

Obviously, Collie's return for this game is out of the question. But it appears he will not require hospitalization.