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Not Having Sex Sells: Tim Tebow Writing Memoir Called 'Through My Eyes'

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Say what you want about a woman's right to choose, but can we at least agree that we'd never abort Tim Tebow's baby? That bone structure is just... Well, it's DIVINE.

Oh, that picture? If you must know, it comes courtesy of Jockey's Tim Tebow ad campaign, because sex sells, but so does God-fearing avoidance of sex. And along those lines, we have news of Tim Tebow's forthcoming memoir, tentatively titled Through My Eyes.

And listen, the heretics among us might wonder whether this will be like an NFL version of Paul Shirley's book, where a bench warmer explained the NBA. Or some of you sinners might snicker, "What could he have seen through all the tears during last year's Alabama game?" But God damnit, Tim Tebow is 23 years old, good looking, and once won a Heisman trophy. The world looks different through those eyes, and that's not a joke about concussions (yet).

The scenes from Revelations may yet come to pass, and the apocalypse brought forth by the wrath of an angry God will engulf us all... Until then, if Justin Bieber can write a memoir, so can Tebow.