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Wade Phillips Fired By Cowboys After Thinking His Job Was Secure

The Dallas Cowboys did what most of the football world expected them to do on Monday as they fired Wade Phillips, according to multiple reports. The Cowboys were 1-7 under Phillips this season and asking when, not if, the Cowboys would fire Philips was the most popular question in Dallas.

Phililps went to Cowboys headquarters on Monday morning and believed he was safe, according to Jay Glazer of Glazer reports Phillips was visibly upset as he told others in the organization that he had been fired. It's been reported Jason Garrett will replace him.

Unfortunately for Phillips his firing was no surprise. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said last week that Phillips would remain the head coach for the rest of the season. That was hard to believe at the time considering the Cowboys had just one win this season.

Jones went on to say Sunday night that there would be people in the organization who would suffer the consequences of failing to meet expectations this year. Many took that as a hint that Phillips' firing was coming and apparently that was correct.

Phillips now heads to the unemployment line. He'll likely have opportunities as a defensive coordinator in the next round of coaching hires.