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Metrodome Roof Collapse Will Send Vikings, Giants To Ford Field On Monday Night

Speculation about the NFL shipping the Vikings and Giants to Detroit's Ford Field on Monday night just became a report about the NFL doing just that.

Kansas City TV host Kris Ketz tweets the news:

BREAKING. NY Giants/Minnesota Vikings. 7:20est kickoff in Detroit tomorrow night.

ESPN's Adam Schefter confirms that, and adds a tidbit: it's the first Monday night game in Detroit in over a decade. (This has the makings of one great trivia question, no?)

So who will get to see Vikings-Giants on Monday night? Not much of the country at all: the game, which was scheduled to be seen by 49 percent of FOX viewers in the early window on Sunday, according to Neil Best of Newsday, will instead be broadcast only to Minnesota and New York markets.

That's a huge loss for FOX, which goes from having one of the NFL's marquee markets and teams matched up against Brett Favre, one of the league's most reliable TV draws, to sending the American Country Awards to the nation while a potentially huge rating number for a football game stays on affiliate channels. And it's a nice win for ESPN, which will likely keep viewers apprised of the goings-on in Detroit during its Monday Night Football broadcast, but will not have to worry about competition in its prized Monday primetime time slot.