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VIDEO: Metrodome Collapse Leaves Roof Looking Flat

You've seen the jaw-dropping photo of how the Mall of America Field, uh, field looks in the wake of the Metrodome collapse. But how does that stadium look from the outside, after the collapse of a roof that gave way to massive amounts of snow? SB Nation Minnesota tipped us to the fact that CNN has video, and it's incredible.

That's a flattened roof, caved in and crumpled, and it's not something that one would think is conducive to playing football. (Of course, it's not, which is why the Vikings and Giants will play their game, regularly scheduled for today at 1 p.m. Eastern, on Monday night at 7:20 p.m. Eastern at Ford Field in Detroit.)

It's also, to be fair, a pretty awesome thing to see in a pure sense of the word: heavy snowfall can occasionally produce things like a Metrodome roof collapse thanks to mass and gravity, and the relative scarcity of such happenings makes them all the more spectacular when they do happen.

In that way, it's like the complete opposite of a Brett Favre interception.