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VIDEO: Michael Vick Signs Autograph For Cowboys' Tashard Choice

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The Dallas Cowboys may have taken a loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, but one player -- running back Tashard Choice -- walked away with a souvenir. Shortly after the game, NBC cameras caught choice greeting Michael Vick, a normal post-game ritual in the NFL. Choice, however, took it a step further, whipping-out a pen and asking Vick to autograph his glove.

As you can see, Vick obliged. Still, c'mon Tashard. You just got dropped by Vick and the Eagles. Your team lost and you're asking for an autograph? And from the quarterback that just torched your defense? That ain't right.

If you're gonna get Vick's autograph, why do it right after the game, with cameras in plain sight? Now, Choice has opened himself up to ridicule for a request that we'd expect to see from a teenage NFL fan, not a backup running back in the league.

Besides the ridiculous request, who would've thought Vick, after a stunning fall from grace, would be back as a star in the NFL with players publicly begging for his signature.

UPDATE: Choice says he got Vick's autograph for his nephew. Still, an NFL player should know better than to ask an opposing player for an autograph at mid-field with NBC's cameras everywhere.