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TCF Bank Stadium: Learn More About The Minnesota Vikings' Temporary Home

The Minnesota Vikings are heading down the road to TCF Bank Stadium after the collapse of the Metrodome roof last weekend. With the city, and TCF Bank Stadium, buried under a heavy blanket of snow, the Vikings traveled to Ford Field in Detroit to battle the New York Giants on Monday night. This week, they'll be closer to home, but face the tough task of playing outdoors for the first time since 1981.

Planning on heading to the stadium on Monday night? Wondering what the home of the Minnesota Golden Gophers has to offer? Here's a quick primer.

The stadium is just over a year old. After breaking ground in 2006, TCF Bank Stadium opened on Sept. 12, 2009.

The best issue to pop-up during construction had nothing at all to do with the building process itself. Originally, the plan was to sell and serve alcohol to high-dollar donors in the stadium's premium seats. The Minnesota legislature, perhaps trying to act in fairness to the masses, passed a law requiring alcohol to either be available to anyone over 21, or nobody at all. And thus, we have a booze-free TCF Bank Stadium.

If there is no booze on Monday night, be on riot watch. How will fans endure not only the frozen temperatures, but also the poor product on the field without alcohol?

The field is made up of Field Turf, the common replacement for the Astroturf of years past. Unfortunately for the players, that Field Turf is not heated. With temperatures falling to near zero degrees, hitting that turf is going to be like hitting an unforgiving iceberg. Somewhere, Brian Urlacher is smiling. Good luck, Vikings!

Capacity is just over 50,000. In comparison, the Metrodome holds just over 64,000. Even with the lessened capacity, how many Minnesota fans will brave the weather to watch the Vikings? Half that? Three-quarters? Time to find out who the die-hards are.

For the latest on the Metrodome roof collapse and the Vikings temporary move to TCF Bank Stadium for Monday's game against the Chicago Bears, check out our StoryStream.