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TCF Bank Stadium For Bears Vs. Vikings Not Official (Yet)

We're assuming the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL will soon announce Monday's game against the Chicago Bears will be played at TCF Bank Stadium but it's not quite official yet. While no one has said it will officially be the location for the game, all signs are pointing that way.

The Vikings released a statement indicating that ultimately the decision comes down to the NFL.

At this time, NFL officials are touring TCF Bank Stadium to ensure its safety for our fans and its ability to meet the primary technical requirements for an NFL game. Ultimately the decision to re-locate a game is the league's in consultation with the two teams. The NFL supports the plan to play Monday night's game at TCF Bank Stadium but is currently ensuring viability of this plan.

At the same time, the Vikings and the University of Minnesota are diligently working through all of the issues associated with moving a game such as tickets, parking, and operations. The organization is working to accommodate our fans’ questions, and we will continue to inform them on this fluid situation as soon as more information is available.

One of those "operations" issues is removing snow from TCF Bank Stadium, which has prompted them to ask for volunteers to help.