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VIDEO: DeSean Jackson's Game-Winning Punt Return Lifts Eagles

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The Eagles' comeback from down 31-10 in the fourth quarter against the Giants was amazing enough for Michael Vick's fantastic Houdini act. Then the Eagles' most dynamic playmaker one-upped his quarterback, as DeSean Jackson returned a punt for a game-winning touchdown with no time remaining. It must be seen to be believed, and even then, it's stunning.



Jackson took Giants punter Matt Dodge's line drive to the house, but only after initially muffing the punt, making a move, cutting to the middle, and then getting some timely blocks from his Eagles teammates. He also scored Philadelphia's fourth touchdown in the fourth quarter, and finished one of the single most improbable comebacks in NFL history.


There will be plenty of time to marvel at and analyze the Eagles' comeback — and the Giants' collapse — later. But in this moment, it's okay to be awestruck and breathless. In fact, it might be odd if you're not.