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DeSean Jackson And Michael Vick Are Top Breed, And The Giants Are Just Doggin' It


If you had "December 20, 2010" as the day the New York Post would finally break down and photoshop puppies onto their back cover, then you win. If you bet that Michael Vick would be the one to inspire it, then you win double. And if you had that all parlayed with, "the Giants will endure a humiliating, historic collapse against a division rival," then you win BIG TIME.

Welcome to America, y'all.

This is the only country where someone like Michael Vick could get a second chance, DeSean Jackson can take to Twitter to taunt some poor, hapless punter, and it's only the place where, as the Giants collapse was happening, millions of Americans were thinking to themselves, "I can't wait to see how ridiculous the tabloids will be tomorrow."

Annnnnnd... Nope, they didn't disappoint.