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NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Chiefs, Colts Move Up; Packers Fall After Loss To Patriots

SB Nation's NFL power rankings for Week 16 rolls on with No. 11-20. Here we have the Chiefs, who are behind the Chargers in the latest power rankings. The Chiefs control the AFC West right now but the Chargers are playing lights out right now. Also making an appearance in this set is the Colts who beat the Jaguars to take control of the AFC South.

Click here for No. 21-32. Here are No. 11-20:

11. Kansas City Chiefs (9-5): The Chiefs control their own destiny for another week as they beat the Rams. Two more wins and the Chiefs are in. Simple as that. LW: 14

12. Indianapolis Colts (8-6): The Colts victory over the Jaguars opened the door to the playoffs and the AFC South title. I expect the Colts to win out and take the division. LW: 13

13. Green Bay Packers (8-6): The Packers showdown with the Giants next week is now a huge one. Matt Flynn showed this week that they can still be competitive without Aaron Rodgers. LW: 12

14. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-6): Tough break for the Jags. A win would have secured the division for them. Now they're left needing help from others to get into the playoffs. LW: 10

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-6): If you're trying to make the playoffs you don't lose to the Lions in Week 15. LW: 15

16. Miami Dolphins (7-7): The Dolphins are now eliminated from the playoffs. Tough luck falling in the same division as the Patriots and Jets. LW: 16

17. Tennessee Titans (6-8): Nice win for the Titans. They're still mathematically alive for the playoffs (but it's closer to impossible for them to make it). LW: 20

18. Houston Texans (5-9): This team is too good to tear it all down and start again but, man, when will they finally get over the hurdle? LW: 17

19. Oakland Raiders (7-7): The Raiders beat up on the Broncos, 39-23. Is beating the Broncos by two scores even impressive anymore? LW: 18

20. Cleveland Browns (5-9): Oy...losing to the team that's lost 10 in a row. That hurts. Still, I like where this team is headed. The only question is whether Eric Mangini will be leading them there next year. LW: 19