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Panthers Vs. Steelers: Pittsburgh Breaks Game Open Just Before Half, Up 20-0

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a chance to score three times in the final two minutes of the first half, but Shaun Suisham missed a field goal as time expired. The Steelers had recovered a kickoff fumble after a previous Suisham kick went through, which itself followed less than a minute after a Rashard Mendenhall touchdown.

About halfway through the second quarter, when the Panthers were down only 10-0, they had a chance to appear on the scoreboard upon recovering a Roethlisberger fumble near midfield, but a penalty and incompletions killed that dream.

After hanging with Pittsburgh’s offense during much of the first quarter, Carolina’s attack has completely stalled. The Steelers have more than 200 more yards, with Ben Roethlisberger throwing for a game’s worth of yardage already.

This game wasn’t expected to be close, but the fact that it was close early made Pittsburgh’s outburst sort of surprising. This is how you wind up 2-12, though.