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Panthers Vs. Steelers: Carolina Squanders Good Field Position But Gets On The Board

After being held scoreless for just over 52 minutes of play, the Carolina Panthers are on the board. The Panthers, working with a short field after the Pittsburgh Steelers had to punt from their own end zone, appeared to be on their way to the end zone, only to see the drive stall, rather predictably, inside the Pittsburgh 10 yard line. A field goal is better than nothing, I guess.

The Pittsburgh defense continued its dominance, even with the Panthers putting themselves on the board. The only Carolina player that’s been able to get anything going through three and a half quarters has been Jonathan Stewart. The former Oregon Duck running back, no doubt delighted with the Ducks’ upcoming BCS Championship Game appearance, has rushed for 67 yard on 17 carries.

With just minutes to go in this week’s edition of Thursday Night Football, the Pittsburgh Steelers lead the Carolina Panthers, 27-3. Can the Panthers put together a comeback of epic proportions? Will the Steelers continue to march towards home-field advantage in the playoffs? The drama this week is palpable.