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NFL Power Rankings Week 17: Eagles Pushing Patriots After Falcons Lose To Saints

We won't be coming out with our weekly NFL power rankings until Wednesday with the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles' game getting rescheduled to Tuesday night because of Philadelphia weather. But with the Atlanta Falcons losing to the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football, it's looking like the Eagles have a good shot to move into our No. 2 spot -- assuming they beat the Vikings.

Last week, we had the New England Patriots in the top spot followed by the Falcons and Eagles. The Falcons loss will knock them down a few pegs and yet another convincing win by the Eagles could move them to No. 2.

Other candidates for the second spot include the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Saints. Of those three, the Saints may be the most deserving following their victory over the Falcons, but the Ravens and Steelers both have strong arguments.

There's also the argument that the Falcons shouldn't drop at all. They lost a close home game to a top 10 opponent after having won eight in a row. One loss shouldn't necessarily hurt them considering they're still tops in the NFC at the moment.

Teams falling out of the top 10 from our Week 16 power rankings include the Chargers and Giants after they both lost this weekend. The Chiefs, Colts and Packers will have an argument to be the ones replacing them in our top 10.