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NFL Power Rankings Week 17: Patriots Remain Leaders; Falcons, Eagles Fall

SB Nation's NFL power ranking for Week 17 are complete and to no one's surprise the Patriots remain the top team. There was a lot of movement at the top with both the Falcons (No. 2 last week) and Eagles (No. 3 last week) losing. The Saints, Ravens and Steelers move up and the Bears continue to surprise as they wrap up a first round bye.

Here are our rankings for No. 21-32, and for No. 11-20 and now No. 1-10:

1. New England Patriots (13-2): The best team in the NFL? Confirmed. LW: 1

2. New Orleans Saints (11-4): Big time win for the Saints over the Falcons in their house on Monday night. That's the type of game that makes us things the Saints will make it back to the Super Bowl. LW: 7

3. Baltimore Ravens (11-4): The Ravens likely won't win the division but they're going to make some division winner (Chiefs, Colts or Jags) very miserable on opening weekend. LW: 4

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-4): The Steelers should take home the AFC North next week and secure a first round bye. LW: 6

5. Atlanta Falcons (12-3): Tough loss for the Falcons but they should still secure a first round bye. That loss to the Saints makes you wonder how far they can go. LW: 2

6. Chicago Bears (11-4): Big win for the Bears, and even bigger loss for the Eagles, which now gives Chicago a first round bye. Anyone else expect the Bears to be in the running for the top seed in the NFC? LW: 8

7. Philadelphia Eagles (10-5): Hmm...what to make of these Eagles. When they're on, it looks like only the Patriots can beat them. When they're off, Joe Webb can beat them. LW: 3

8. New York Jets (10-5): Who figured two of the best defenses would create a game with 72 points scored. If the Chiefs win on Sunday, they will likely travel to Kansas City in the wildcard round. LW: 5

9. Kansas City Chiefs (10-5): The Chiefs clinched the division in Week 16. After winning 10 games in the last three years, the Chiefs have won 10 of their first 15 this year. LW: 11

10. Green Bay Packers (9-6): The Packers need to win to get into the playoffs. This team is much better than their record suggests. LW: 13