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Josh McDaniels Fired After Confrontation With Champ Bailey, D.J. Williams

The Broncos on Monday fired Josh McDaniels which of course has dominated headlines in Denver. The move itself doesn't surprise everyone but I think a lot of people were taken aback by the timing of it all in the middle of the season, just one week after owner Pat Bowlen said McDaniels was safe through 2011, and later backtracked saying he wasn't sure on that.

Here's another report we'll file under the interesting timing category. Via Vic Lombardi in Denver:

A Broncos player tells me there was a confrontation on the practice field today btwn Josh and Champ/DJ Williams. Not exactly a mutiny. But the player described it as very heated and contentious. Something about wind sprints.

I think this just happens to be some interesting timing. Bowlen had clearly been thinking of this McDaniels decision for quite some time and it's hard to believe he would make such an off the cuff move like that without first gathering plenty of information. Or perhaps something did happen and this was just the final straw.

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