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VIDEO: Braylon Edwards 67-Yard Touchdown With Bonus Dougie Celebration

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Braylon Edwards was the off-field scandal du jour for the Jets this week. He was charged with driving while intoxicated, an arrest that forced the Jets to sit their starting receiver for the first quarter of the Sunday night game against the Dolphins.

Edwards made little impact for the remainder of the first half, but once the Dolphins took a 17-14 lead following a methodical drive to open the 3rd quarter, quarterback Mark Sanchez hit Edwards along the sideline. Corner Jason Allen had the responsibility to cover Edwards, but appeared to slip on the infield dirt still in place at Sun Life Stadium. It was little trouble for Braylon to take it the rest of the way for six.

Once there, Edwards, unrepentant for being flagged for taunting for doing the dougie last week after scoring against the Patriots, pulled it out again to celebrate the go-ahead score in Miami.