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Bill Polian Says 18-Game NFL Season Is A Done Deal

The Colts Bill Polian says an 18-game NFL schedule is coming.

Per the AP:

During Monday night's weekly radio show, the Indianapolis Colts team president called it a "fait accompli" and said the debate is over. Polian is a member of the league's competition committee and has worked in the league office.

That would be 18 regular season games and two preseason game for each team as opposed to the 16/4 split it is now.

The owners want it done because it provides a larger piece of the pie. They've previously said they would want the NFLPA to be on board with the move. The players union has been hesitant to recommend citing injury and compensation concerns.

The move would likely require a change to the NFL's offseason schedule with less required workouts. It would also mean roster sizes would likely expand.

Polian cited concerns over the amount of time personnel evaluators will get to look at their rookies with just two preseason games.