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Colts Exec Bill Polian Backtracks On 18-Game NFL Season Talk

On Monday Colts executive Bill Polian created a stir when he called the 18-game schedule a done deal. Now, the league and the union were meeting the next day on the topic and both sides walked out of that meeting indicating that discussions were ongoing.

So what to make of Polian's comments that it was a done deal?

He was imprecise, he said on ESPN Radio Wednesday. SB Nation's Stampede Blue has the details:

"I created a headline that was 180 degrees from what was right. Bad job by me in answering the question."

He went on to say that there are still some logistics to be figured out regarding the NFL season.

Polian is part of the league's competition committee which is why so many people took his word when he called an 18-game NFL season "fait accompli" on Monday.

The NFL gave the NFLPA their proposal for an 18-game NFL season at a Tuesday meeting. The NFL has said they can impose the 18-game schedule without the NFLPA's consent but they've previously said they would prefer to have the NFLPA's approval.