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NFL Playoffs, Packers Vs. Eagles: Picking The MVP And Goat Of The Game

While David Akers might not have been the goat of the day for the Eagles, his two missed field goals were the difference in a 21-16 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Afterward, Akers was asked if this was the worst game of his career:

"Sure, football-wise, yes. It's the playoffs and you've got to do your job to keep things going. It's a tough day."

He also addressed whether the wind affecting his kicks?

"It was really all over the place today. You could see, we were kicking deep both ways at times and short both ways at times. It shifted all over the place. It's Lincoln Financial [Field] and I've played here a lot of years. You just go out and feel it how you feel it at that time. Sometimes you guess right, sometimes you guess wrong, and I did on the 41 [yard field goal attempt], that's for sure."

While Akers will be the face of this loss, Bleeding Green Nation says no recap of this game would be complete without a mention of the team's season-long goat...the defense.

Honestly, if you would have told me that they would have held the Pack to only 21 I probably would have been happy with that... The final score doesn't really tell the story of how soundly they were beaten though. Aaron RodgersPackers offense wasn't flashy today, but they were incredibly efficient, dinked and dunked them to death with three TDs. Some guy named James Starks runs for 123 yards. They convert on 7 of 13 first downs and held the ball for 32 minutes... The

On the other side of the ball, the Acme Packing Company is trying to figure out who was the MVP for the Pack. It certainly wasn't the wide receivers:

The wide receivers had arguably their worst game collectively with a couple of drops and only a couple of big catches by WR Donald Driver. The running backs were almost more dangerous collectively as receivers. Still, QB Aaron Rodgers finished with three touchdown passes and a 122.5 quarterback rating. And of course, rookie 6th round RB James Starks was given a big opportunity, and he delivered with several big runs. 

While the defense was generally solid, I was having trouble picking MVP candidates. That was until CB Tramon Williams made the game ending interception. A distant second nod goes to NT B.J. Raji, who held the point of attack and made a great play running down QB Michael Vick on a scramble.