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Darrelle Revis And Kris Jenkins Among Jets Still Taking Aim At Patriots

Don't expect the New York Jets to do anywhere near as much trash talking this week as they did last week -- at least not any directed at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though Rex Ryan has already made sure to dial down the intensity from Bill Belichik levels for his matchup against Mike Tomlin, Jets players are too busy talking about the New England Patriots to get the Steelers stirred up.

Didn't the Jets already beat the Pats? Yep.

Darrelle Revis responded to Deion Branch's allegation that the Jets are "classless" by bringing up the 45-3 game, which he says ended with Patriots players openly mocking the Jets. Guard Brandon Moore lists some of the Pats' less classy moments, including "six-shooters" during that game. If there is footage out there of Tom Brady doing pew pew fingerguns, why have we not been blessed with it yet?

Speaking of Brady, Kris Jenkins says the star QB should "be quiet, shut up." Not entirely clear on what Brady said to earn a shut up from a player who's been sidelined since week one, but if anybody should shut up it's ... well, it's not the Jets, because this hasn't gotten old yet.