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Report: Jason Garrett Promoted To Cowboys Head Coach After Interim Stint

After Wade Phillips was fired, the Cowboys were 1-7 and in far worse spirits than that record would indicate. Since interim head coach Jason Garrett took over, the Cowboys are 4-3. That's apparently enough of an audition for Jerry Jones to give him the full-time gig.

The NFL Network's Mike Lombardi is reporting that Garrett has been promoted to Cowboys head coach. Cowboys wide receivers coach Ray Sherman was interviewed to comply with the NFL's Rooney Rule, according to the NFL Network, but ESPN reports that Sherman had not been interviewed as of Sunday morning.

Garrett's 4-3 record has been just part of the turnaround he's engineered. The Cowboys have been more consistent on the field, beating both the Giants and Colts on the road and dropping their three losses by a combined seven points.

And it should be noted that all of this came with Tony Romo out due to injury. Garrett's 4-3 record is a bit more remarkable when it's considered that Jon Kitna and Stephen McGee have been his quarterbacks.