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Jamaal Charles Falls Just Short Of Jim Brown's NFL Record For Yards Per Carry

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The Kansas City Chiefs' Jamaal Charles has been one of the NFL's most explosive running backs this year, but he's also been a fantasy blight, thanks to Todd Haley's capricious play-calling. Charles is second in the NFL in rushing yards despite getting just 230 carries this season, and was threatening Jim Brown's NFL record for yards per carry entering Week 17.

With 14 carries for 87 yards, Charles came very, very close to breaking Brown's record. How close? Take it away, Josh Looney of the Chiefs:

Jamaal Charles misses Jim Brown's rushing average record by two-hundredths of a yard. Brown 6.4 yards per attempt; Charles 6.38

That figure, .02 yards, is .06 feet, or .72 inches. To put it in perspective ... well, "this sentence" is definitely longer than .72 inches. Heck, the word perspective might be, too.

That's just per carry, though: Charles is still 4.6 yards away from the record when you extrapolate the shortage out over his 230 carries this year. It's still not far, but it sounds more impressive when that stat's communicated in inches.

It's not a bad consolation prize for Charles, this "becoming just the second-most-effective running back in NFL history, behind Jim Brown" deal. He's had a great, great season, and yet it might not get him the lion's share of the Chiefs' carries in their playoff game or games.

Sometimes, the NFL is dumb.