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Packers Vs. Bears: Charles Tillman Heaps Praise On Green Bay Wide Receivers

Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman isn't spending the week ahead of the NFC Championship Game talking down to the Green Bay Packers, instead choosing to heap praise on the Packers wide receivers. On Thursday, Tillman called the Green Bay receiving corps "the best in the NFL" as he talked about the difficulties of defensing the Packers' passing attack. After Aaron Rodgers and the Packers carved up the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, Tillman has plenty of reason to worry.

It's the ability of Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and the rest to pick up yardage after the catch in chunks that has the Bears stout defense worried about Sunday's game. Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs echoed Tillman's sentiment, comparing the Green Bay receivers running style to that of a bruising back.

"[I'm] real familiar with all these guys. Once they get the ball is probably when they are most dangerous. They don't like to go down. They're like running backs."

With Rodgers on fire in the playoffs and the Green Bay receivers making plays downfield, the Bears have their hands full containing the explosive passing attack on Sunday. Keep an eye on how the Bears rally to the ball on Sunday and try to prevent the Green Bay receivers from picking up those yards after the catch. A few missed tackles and the Chicago secondary could be in for a long day with Jennings and company running loose in the secondary.

Green Bay and Chicago kick it off in the NFC Championship on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. EST on Fox.

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