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Bears Vs. Packers Odds: Green Bay Still Favored In NFC Championship Game

It's been the case all week, though it's still a little stunning: Bears-Packers odds currently have the visiting squad from Green Bay favored to win the NFC Championship Game and head to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV.

One check of the NFC Championship Game odds shows the Packers favored by 3.5 and 4 points over the Bears, up from the opening line of 3 points earlier this week.

That could mean a couple of things. One, Las Vegas bookmakers may be confident enough in Aaron Rodgers' skills to be giving the Bears another point and allowing them to cover by losing by a field goal. Two, it may have been really hard to get bets from the public on the Bears this week — the Packers are a huge "public" team that gets plenty of support in a scenario like this, and Rodgers' superb play is likely making them a favorite of regular bettors, too — so a line that gives the Bears a realistic chance of covering without winning might be the only way to get even money laid on both teams.

Remember, the reason lines are the way they are in Las Vegas is to get an equal amount of money on both sides, so that no matter which team wins on the field, the oddsmakers turn a profit.

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