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Packers Vs. Bears: Caleb Hanie Takes Over For Todd Collins; Jay Cutler Out

Chicago Bears QB Caleb Hanie, whom none of us have ever heard of, has taken over for QB Todd Collins behind center. FOX’s Chris Myers mentions Hanie’s mobility as being highly preferable to Collins’, so there’s that. But who in the world is Caleb Hanie?

Jay Cutler is apparently out of the game due to his knee injury, leading many to question his heart and toughness and patriotism and so forth. At one point Brian Urlacher was seen speaking to Cutler, who just kept moping around the sideline with his coat on. Since Hanie was inserted before the fourth quarter began, he's the only quarterback allowed to play for Chicago from this point on.

Hanie has played in five games, completing eight regular season passes, in his three seasons since leaving Colorado State. Caleb Hanie? He went undrafted in 2008, and apparently has been a fan favorite among certain Bears fan circles.

The Bears have actually gotten the ball moving on Hanie’s first drive, so maybe somebody was on to something.

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