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Jay Cutler Injury: Brian Urlacher Defends Bears QB, Calls Other Players Jealous

Jay Culter offered a "no comment" when asked about other players questioning his toughness following the Chicago Bears' NFC Championship loss, but linebacker Brian Urlacher did the talking for him. Informed that players sitting at home were trashing Cutler on Twitter and questioning the injury that sidelined him, Urlacher fired back, calling them jealous while standing up for his quarterback. Cutler suffered an apparent knee injury during Sunday's game and was forced to sit on the sidelines for the remainder of the game at the training staff's behest.

Urlacher didn't take to the criticism kindly, calling out the other players sitting at home with their seasons already over.

"Who cares what they think?" he said. "That's my response to them. They are not playing in this game. Jay was hurt, obviously. There's no reason for him to be out there if he can't get it done. He was obviously hurt pretty bad or he would have played."

"For them to question his toughness is stupid to me."

Urlacher is right. Almost immediately after Cutler left the game, Twitter exploded, with any and everyone questioning his toughness and heart. Without knowing the full extent of his injury, players and analysts alike began to speculate wildly, quick to throw Cutler under the bus.

The injured quarterback will have an MRI on his knee on Monday, but the early word is he tore the MCL on his plant foot. If you ask some, however, he should've been in there as long as his leg was still attached to his body, no matter what kind of damage it could've done to both him and his team.