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Jay Cutler Injury Is Torn MCL In Knee, Severity Unknown, According To Report

After a fair bit of speculation, it's now officially a "report": Jay Cutler has a torn MCL, according to one Chicago writer.

That writer is the Chicago Sun-Times' Bears beat reporter, Sean Jensen, who tweets that he's been informed Cutler's got an MCL tear, but how bad it is is still unknown.

I'm told Cutler has an MCL tear, and they are determining grade.

If true, that goes a long way to explaining why Cutler's knee injury knocked him out of Sunday's NFC Championship Game loss to the Packers. Cutler was in obvious discomfort when he took the field in the second half after being hurt in the second quarter, and an MCL tear would make planting and throwing the ball somewhat difficult.

Will this stem the tide of backlash against Cutler from fans who have burned his jersey and called him various variations on "soft"? Who knows?

But if Cutler having a documented, definite injury doesn't turn back some of the vitriol, his reputation may be sealed for the time being.