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Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Schedule Will Be As Normal As Possible

The Green Bay Packers Super Bowl schedule created by head coach Mike McCarthy isn't something that they came up with overnight. McCarthy actually started the schedule back in 2007 when the Packers were in the conference championship game. They didn't win that but McCarthy's Super Bowl scheduled stayed filed away.

With the Packers beating the Chicago Bears on Sunday and earning a Super Bowl berth, it's now useful again. McCarthy says, as most coaches do, the goal is to keep it as normal as possible.

The week's work will begin Wednesday with film and meetings and then will include three days of practice on Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the team charter departs for Dallas on Monday.

"When we get on the plane Monday, we'll be ready to play the game," McCarthy said. "This will be a normal week for us."    

They're required to be at the Super Bowl site by 5:00 p.m. Monday. From there, it's media day on Tuesday and all sorts of other events throughout the week -- all while practicing for the game. McCarthy says it'll be normal, but everyone knows that won't be the case. 

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