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Car Salesman Fired For Wearing Packers Tie (Should Have Worn Car Salesman Tie)

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The most ubiquitous of frivolous recurring sports stories is, "minor league baseball team promotes unhealthy sandwich," but the second-most is, "person fired/student sent home for sports clothing." In fact, I set a Google Alert for "guy fired for sports clothes," and installed an application that makes a buzzing noise whenever a new story pops up. It's a more reliable teller of time than my grandfather clock, which I have re-purposed as a fishbowl. (It's not very good at that either. RIP, Todd Van Poppels VII through XIV!)

Anyway, here's a story about a guy getting fired for wearing a superfluous article of clothing that bore the logo of the wrong lakeside sports franchise (they're pretty much all the same, you know):

A car salesman in suburban Chicago has been fired for refusing to remove a Green Bay Packers tie that he wore to work the day after the Packers beat the Chicago Bears to advance to the Super Bowl.

[...] Roberts adds that Stone was offered five chances to take off the tie but he refused.

Admittedly, there's a surprisingly touching element to the story:

John Stone says he wore the Packers tie to work Monday at Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn to honor his late grandmother, who was a big Green Bay fan.

Wearing a Packers tie is sort of a trivial way to mourn someone's passing, which, of course, makes it all the more touching.

Anyway, you know how, once in a while, you take a day off from work, run some errands, see people milling about in the grocery store or the Best Buy, and wonder why they're there? They're all people who were fired or suspended from school for wearing a rival team's jersey. There truly is a Second Society in this country, made up of men, women, and children whose sartorial sports trolling we have no use for, alive and well, but visible only on sick days.