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2011 Super Bowl Parking Will Be Expensive For Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers Fans

Interested in going to the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas, Texas? First, you better set up your airfare and hotel -- very few spots remain. Second, you better pony up over $3,000 for a ticket. And, third, you should get another $990 ready for a parking spot.

Indeed, the cost of the closest parking spot to Cowboys Stadium reaches a whopping $990, according to There are three entries for parking spots within 0.1 mile of the stadium ranging from $550 to $990. For a $400 difference they better wash my car during the game and rotate my tires.

If you're willing to walk half a mile, the price gets slightly more realistic at $137.50. The best "deal" appears to be spots for $55 about a mile from the stadium.

So if you're headed out to the Super Bowl, get ready for lots and lots of walking -- or just dig deeper in that wallet.

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