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Terrible Towels Tycoon Two-Times, Testing 'Titletown Towels' Trade

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The company that has produced Terrible Towels since 1997 is now producing a Green Bay Packers version for Super Bowl XLV, calling the new model the Titletown Towel. Does Baraboo, the capitalist outfit behind both the Pittsburgh Steelers staple and its new Green Bay counterpart, feel bad about selling an item that will enable thousands about one dozen Packers fans to root against the Steelers in a towel-enabled fashion? Nah, not really.

Well how about calling the thing "the Titletown Towel"? Doesn't that downplay the many titles the Steelers themselves have won? Pittsburgh calls itself "the City of Champions," so maybe somebody should start making City of Champions Chiffon.

No word on whether Steelers fans will also get to wear a complement to Green Bay's cheesehead hats. They could make hats for Steelers fans that look like ... hang on ...

/Googles pittsburgh food

... sandwiches! The Titletown Towels vs. the sandwichheads. It's gonna be great!