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2011 Super Bowl Tickets: Packers And Steelers Fans Forking Over A Hefty Price

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We've talked about some of the 2011 Super Bowl ticket prices before and, yeah, we're going to talk about it again but the prices are just insane. Shortly after the game they were going for an average of $3,600 a pop with some suites going for as much as $73,000.

The prices have come down a little bit so now you can buy them for "only" $2,444.

So let's say you buy the cheapest ticket -- which according to this is $2,444 -- you'd have to park about a mile from the stadium to avoid spending several hundred (or $990) more on a closer parking spot. Add in the cost of a hotel, flight and the increased prices everywhere you go and you could be spending over $7,000 for two people to attend the game. 

(Note: $7,000 was the cost of my first car....which I used for six years.)

Even with the price, I imagine Bears and Jets fans would trade places with them any day of the week. Check out Behind The Steel Curtain and Acme Packing Company for updates throughout the week.