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Charles Woodson Sends President Obama A Jersey: 'See Ya In The White House'

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The Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship game and it was a "tough day for Bears fans", President Obama said this week after his hometown Bears lost the game. Obama earlier in the week had picked the Bears to beat the Packers. 

Obama was speaking in Wisconsin this week and started things off making light of his pick last week:

Let me start by clearing something up. I am not here because I lost a bet. I just want to be clear about that. I have already gotten three Green Bay jerseys.

He says one of the jerseys he received was from Packers CB Charles Woodson that read: "See ya in the White House". Of course that's a nod to the annual White House visit from the Super Bowl winners.

Obama wasn't done with his predictions, though, as he promised Packers fans the Bears would get them next year.