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How Accurate Is This NFL Fandom Map?

Questions* aside, this is pretty cool. Click to biggify:


via Reddit

* - Who will bridge the great Raider Nation divide?

What are the Broncos going to do with all that land?

What is that teal-and-brown object in north Florida?

Aren't the Redskins more popular in parts of Carolina than the Panthers are?

Is Iowa America's true melting pot?

Don't people in Toronto like the Bills?

Shouldn't Tennessee feature a Colts protectorate, due to the Peyton Manning effect?

Were the Chargers given that very specific footprint because it fits their logo?

Wouldn't you be kind of mad if you found out people in Toronto don't like the Bills at all, as hard as we're all working to make them like the Bills?

Should the Falcons and Buccaneers (and Giants and Patriots) have to differentiate their colors somewhat because border wars will quickly become confusing?

Do the New York Jets actually exist?

The Bills are bending over backward here, Canada.

You're telling me the Raiders aren't huge in Montana?

I think Mexico likes the Bills more than we're letting on too, now that you mention that Toronto thing.