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Green Bay Packers Coach Says Players Overreacted To Team Photo Issue

Earlier this week two Green Bay Packers on injured reserve -- Nick Barnett and Jermichael Finley -- complained via Twitter that they would not be part of the team's photo.

Apparently, they said, players on injured reserve wouldn't be part of the team photo. The Packers will arrive in Dallas on Monday, and were originally scheduled to take the photo on Tuesday, two days before the players on injured reserve were scheduled to come.

The Packers have since moved the team photo so that the players on injured reserve can be involved.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said on Thursday that the complaints from the players was a "total overreaction" and they made a "poor decision" complaining about it.

"There's a number of components and I really don't want to waste anybody else's time with it," he said. "It's unusual, because your initial plan is you take everybody. But you're off-site. There's a number of reasons why it was Thursday as opposed to Monday, and good reasons. Because at the end of the day, it's about getting ready for this game. It's not that they are not part of the team. They are in the photo. You want them in the photo and that's important."    

My reaction: Welcome to Super Bowl week, where even the slightest distractions can turn into national stories.