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If Jeff Fisher's Out, Is Vince Young Back In Play As 2011 Tennessee Titans QB?

When Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams announced the team would either trade or release QB Vince Young before the beginning of the 2011 NFL season, many took that as an endorsement of coach Jeff Fisher. Coach and QB had been at odds for a while, with the feud becoming very public late in the regular season. If the latest report is accurate, that wasn’t quite the case.

Adams wanted to have both Young and Fisher, but eventually decided to stick with Fisher. Perhaps the logic was that an off-and-on young quarterback can be replaced more seamlessly than a nearly two-decade head coach can.

So if Fisher is no longer around, does that re-open the door for Young to remain in Tennessee? There have yet to be any reports of teams making a move at the former Texas Longhorns star, even though Young insists he’s still an elite quarterback.

The PR reaction to the team changing its mind and keeping Young might not be great, and the franchise may decide to scrap everything and start over entirely anyway. There are a few quarterbacks worthy of a top pick in this year’s draft, Kerry Collins is immortal, and hey there might not be football in 2011 anyway!

What do you think?