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Super Bowl 45: Papa John's To Give Free Pizza To Everyone In America If Packers, Steelers Reach Overtime

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Of the NFL's 266 regular-season and playoff games played this season, 19 of them have been decided in overtime. Apparently, Papa John's is comfortable with that 7.1 percent likelihood, because they've announced that if the Packers and Steelers reach overtime in Super Bowl XLV, they'll give a free pizza to everyone in America who's registered on their website.


Having graduated through Louisville's public school system, which served Papa John's on Tuesday and leftover Papa John's with cheddar cheese tossed on top of it with the insistence that it was "new pizza" on Wednesday, it's difficult for me to get terribly excited over this, but free food is free food is free food. The company expects to have to give away 100,000 pizzas in the event that the Super Bowl does end up in overtime.


Of course, every Super Bowl has been settled in regulation, but if this one falls into that 7.1 percent... goodness. Do you have any idea how many rubber dough-discs you'd need and how many cheese-slugs you'd need to slaughter to make 100,000 Papa John's pizzas? (Okay, Papa John's is just fine as far as nationwide pizza chains go. But trust me, you can get tired of it.)