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Cowboys, Raiders, Broncos Among Teams Without Head Coaches

The NFL has six coaching spots still available including the Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders. Some jobs appear close to being announced (Cowboys) while other jobs we don't know a whole lot about (Broncos). 

Browns president Mike Holmgren has been rumored to be interested in several candidates since Eric Mangini was fired but no names have come up as favorites at this point.

The Panthers reportedly have Perry Fewell as a top candidate and it's believed that they'll go with a top defensive coach.

The Broncos are rumored to be in the Jim Harbaugh sweepstakes but we're not sure if they're financially in the same ballpark since the Dolphins got involved. There are no front-runners here.

The Cowboys appear to be on their way to picking Jason Garrett as their interim coach but Jerry Jones hasn't yet publicly committed to that. Either way, it sounds like Garrett's the man.

The 49ers fired Mike Singletary and met with John Harbaugh this week. Now reports are saying that the 49ers are prepared to move on if the Dolphins are actually offering a reported $7 million-plus to Harbaugh. The 49ers have also requested and received permission to interview Raiders offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.

The Raiders fired Tom Cable and some have thought Hue Jackson would be a replacement candidate but with Jackson now interviewing in San Francisco we're not sure who's the favorite there. Al Davis historically takes his time picking a coach so we may not hear much news on this front.