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Andrew Luck Won't Enter 2011 NFL Draft, Elects To Return To Stanford

We searched through plenty of 2011 NFL mock drafts and they all said the same thing -- Andrew Luck will be picked No. 1 overall by the Carolina Panthers. The Stanford QB is the clear cut top prospect in this draft so it makes sense for the Panthers to select him.

That's assuming he's even in the draft. The problem? He won't be.

Stanford is expected to announce Luck will return to school for his final season. Though some have doubted whether Luck would leave Stanford, this is still a shocking turn of events, as many figured he was as good as gone.

The 2011 NFL draft takes a major turn of events as there's no clear cut No. 1 prospect. 

This also could affect the situation with Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh. Though he's now reportedly leaning toward accepting an offer from the Miami Dolphins, would Luck's decision to stay in school make him change his mind? 

We'll figure out soon enough what this means to the rest of the draft but Carolina Panthers fans at Cat Scratch Reader can't be feeling too good right now.