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Jason Garrett Signs Four Year Deal As Head Coach Of Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys turned much of the power of their franchise into the hands of Jason Garrett on Thursday as they removed the interim tag and announced him as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. SB Nation's Blogging The Boys has the run down on a few of the Cowboys announcements during the Jason Garrett press conference: 

The Cowboys inked Jason to a four-year deal, and said that Garrett will have the final say on any coaching changes, and will have approval of any players on the team. Also making news was Jason Garrett's emphatic answer of "Yes" when asked about a dual role of head coach and offensive coordinator.

It's fitting that the same day Wade Phillips is announced as the newest defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans, Garrett is officially announced as the Cowboys head coach. 

The Cowboys performed better (but still not great) in the second half of the season with Garrett after Phillips was fired. The good thing for Garrett is that the Cowboys are ready to win now if he can put the talent together and avoid a repeat of 2010.

Check out Blogging The Boys to see what Cowboys fans are saying about the move.