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VIDEO: Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch Rips Off Game-Clinching Touchdown Run

Seattle looked like it was on the ropes against the Saints. The Seahawks' offense stalled in the fourth quarter, and the Saints looked ready to get the ball back and drive for a game-winning touchdown — having Drew Brees under center will make that sort of thing seem inevitable.

Then Marshawn Lynch went all BEAST MODE on the Saints.

On that run, Lynch managed to break multiple tackles, shove off Super Bowl hero Tracy Porter, cut back, and score a touchdown to put the Seahawks up by double digits, 41-30, at Qwest Field. (Seattle held on to win, 41-36.) If it's not the play of the 2011 NFL Playoffs, it will have to be displaced by something incredible.

Describing Lynch's dash, announcer Mike Mayock said "That's as good a run as I've ever seen in a playoff situation." I would agree with that, and add this: I'm not sure I've ever seen five greater runs in the NFL in my lifetime.

Video via Mocksession.